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Your journey with monetizing your video stream starts here.  Let’s first go over some of the options.

Video Ads

When you start streaming your event you have a captive audience and this is exactly what a sponsor is looking for. Timeout?  End of a quarter?  Beginning of a game? These are all areas of opportunity to run a video ad.  These ads can be created by your sponsor or produced by Birds Eye Sport.  What happens next is magical.  Your event is streamed into the BEN headquarters where a live production manager is looking for a major event such as the beginning of game, end of quarters, end of games, and then plays your sponsor’s video ad.  Your organization only has to have your camera up and streaming and we do the rest.  Sponsorship contracts and collections are also taken care of.  Let Birds Eye Network take you to the next level.

Logo Design

Your brand starts with a great-looking logo that expresses a lot about your league, team, or organization.  Having a person to talk to regarding colors, what you want to communicate and even the target audience all are considerations.  Lets Birds Eye Network create a fantastic-looking logo you are proud of.

Website Design

A well-designed website is essential to any organization that cares about growth, consistent communication with your fans, and most of all, brand recognition.

Our custom-designed websites are designed to highlight your brand with search engine optimization (SEO), security, and up-to-date content.

Work with a Birds Eye Sport Webdesigner to convey your vision and perspective for your sports-designed website.

Request a quote, I bet you will be suprised

Flyer Design

Want a professionally done flyer for your next event?  Work with our graphic designer to build an engaging, eye-catching flyer for any event.

Don’t forget to learn about our video ads.  Would it be nice to have a video for your next event?

Sponsor Banners

We offer clickable banners inside of your video feed.  We work with your sponsor to achieve the best branding look for them.  All advertising contracts and collections are taken care of by Birds Eye Network.

Get in contact with us to have a conversation about maximizing your sponsorship platform.

E-mail Marketing

Building an email marketing list and campaigns to engage your audience in unique ways.  Keep them up to date, inform them of new programs or games.  Our marketing team uses graphics and logos to create an amazing e-mail marketing campaign that suits your needs.  We also help build your email marketing list to expand your customer reach.

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