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The Most Features of Any Youth Sports Streaming Service

Specializing in sports streaming, Bird’s Eye Network offers HD video on live and playback, plays of interest, live notifications and more.

HD Quality

Stream and record at 1080p resolution.

90 Days of Video

BEN stores 90 days of HD video to our cloud servers.  Playback at any time.


Plays of Interest

Create video clips that include player name, date, see how many people vied and downloaded.


Webgems are an easy way to organize plays and accomplishments to share on your network.

Flexible Access

Require password for live, playback, clips, and albums.


Notify via text message when you go live.  Share video via email and Facebook.

Sponsorship Links

Include an image advertisement and link to your sponsor’s website.

Virtual Trainer

Are you a trainer looking to create a Pay Wall? Take a closure look at the Virtual Trainer

A Revolutionary Way to Video Stream

Streaming your video has never been easier.  Choose your type of camera, connect to a Wifi, and hit record.  Your video is then sent to our secure cloud server to be distributed in full HD quality to your customer base.  

Bird’s Eye Network is a very flexible service.  Take for instance your camera selection.  On a budget?  Grab an iPhone to stream your event.  GoPro camera?  Let’s get it on a tripod and start the stream.  Have a more permanent install?  We have a network of installers all over the United States to help you. 

Let’s take a closure look at these amazing features.  

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